Aviastar-TU Airlines 

We offer and provide express cargo and mail air delivery, individual and effective solutions in freight, maintenance and aircraft leasing to our customers

Our capabilities­

We deliver different types of cargo including mail, live animals, military cargo, dangerous goods, material values, pharmaceuticals, oversized cargo

Trust. Reputation. Experienсe

We are a long-term partner of the largest world cargo carrier DHL Express – the leader of International logistic market

Our fleet

We operate two types of aircrafts – Tu-204C and Boeing 757-200F

Our services

We offer individual effective cargo delivery, aircraft maintenance and leasing solutions

Aviastar-TU Airlines

More than 23 years Aviastar-TU Airlines takes one of central positions at International and Russian cargo transportation markets

We regularly carry out express delivery of mail and freight across Russia, Europe and China under DHL-express long-term contract

We are proud to work with DHL Express – the leader of the world logistic market


<span style="font-weight: bold;">Charter flights</span>
Charter flights
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Regular flights</span>
Regular flights
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Aircraft leasing</span>
Aircraft leasing


We guarantee on-time delivery, cargo safety, the best price

Own fleet
We operate Tu-204C and Boeing 757-200F
Professional team 
A unique team of specialists of flight and technical operation
Great experience
More than 23 years of successful work in the air cargo carriages market
Flight geography 
Impressive route network of flights in Russia, Europe and Asia 
Live cargo 
 Experience live cargo tranportation
Dangerous cargo
Authorized to transport dangerous and prohibited goods

Our team

Excellent reputation of Aviastar-TU Airlines is a merit of russian aviation industry, a competent management, enthusiasm of company creators and our staff-top skills professionals whose merits are noted by numerous badges, orders and medals.


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Aviastar TU

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Сlients and partners

Our customers and partners are people whose opinion will never be neglected

We are looking for a long-term cooperation. Each Aviastar-TU employee is a high level professional and everyone is aimed at complete mutual understanding with the customers
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